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For Vanilla Ink interior designing is an art of coordinating the decorative elements which concerns itself with more than just the visual enhancement of an interior space but we seek to optimize and harmonize the internal environment with conceptual planning and creative solution which is then applied to get the desired result.

The element of designing consist of more things than we imagine to give you a few example, visual elements like color and lighting to other elements like surface, textures, angles, curves and many more. We are knowledge professionals and experts in our field to understand the characteristic and purpose for the design.



A Private interior is meant to be personal space designed to the personal perfection, comfort, desire and mood. We understand and  match your preferences with our innovative and pleasing design to set your mood just right when you enter your private space.


Offices or commercial space is meant for one special purpose and that is doing business. Every designs that we do is solely for one perfect balance that can set the right mood for the right purpose. We analyze the nature of the business, how the works going to be performed, how space could be utilizes and the design could serve the purpose and be more appealing.


Our aim is to focus on all key elements in your office or home space. Then we create a functional environment in these elements that optimizes space and the outcome is a unique design that relates to client’s vision. Vanilla Ink designs reflect each client from concept visualization down to the last detail. Effective communication is indispensable for execution of a successful project.


The floor plan contains functionality, space allocation, and routing your premises. It is the start of planning your rooms and their furniture’s.


3D VISUALIZATION is a valuable decision tool. They will show you the unique details of our interior design planning.


Our mood boards convey the atmosphere, mood and materiality of a draft, essential aspects that are just awkward to express verbally or in frames.


Every house has a soul /every room has its soul.


  • Research
  • Formulation
  • Confirmation
  • Selection
  • Preparation
  • Administration


The most important and initial step to start any work is research, we do our research well on all the aspects that would make the outcome interesting. Research on your requirements, your goals, your plans, drawings, diagrams and much more the begins the next step.


Formulations of ideas is important then is the plan, the preliminary space plans, 2D and 3D design concepts, sketches that can integrate your programmed needs.


Confirmation of our plans are necessary if our plans meet your requirement  and matches the guidelines functionally and even aesthetically.


Selection of fixtures, furniture, colors, textures to meet your design requirements and is easy going with your budget and matches your preferences.


To bring this all together and work towards a particular design goal is not as easy as it may sound you need to have the right skill set to perform the task and proper planning i.e. A lot of preparation is needed.


To execute the task to its finest the administration has to be tight to look in to minute details. Our job is to give you a satisfactory end result and for which the administration of the work done from start to end has to be flawless.

Innovative concepts. Perfect execution

Our goal is to create a unique solution that will be a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.Vanilla Ink has established a reputation for providing innovative design solutions for residential interiors, commercial interiors and projects. Whether you are looking for a unique modern home, or a cool office design or retail space, our design is tailored specifically for the design conscious.Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of a space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment.it is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communication with the stake holders of a project and the management and execution of the design.

At Vanilla Ink, we’re a different kind of company. We work every day to find new and unique styles that offer the very best in today’s affordable modern design. We work to ensure that every experience you have with us is fantastic! Our goal is for you to be thrilled with every single product, every single time. We focus on providing you true value.Whether it’s a modern office, your living room and your bedroom, we’re committed to combining excellence product quality and service into an experience you can’t beat!


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Vanilla ink is a full service interior design firm. We take delight in the pursuit of the unique and believing that the journey is as great as the destination. We rely on our instincts, experience and education to provide trusted counsel to clients in the pursuit of their wants and needs. Our designs are driven by vibrant color & patterns, textural and sculptural details with eclectic style. Anything global or cultural always inspires us.


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